Testimonials of our customers

23 December 2010

"We've been going to Pillars ever since I can remember, It's a MUST every time that were shopping!! I usually have the Lasagne, Chips & Peas. Its amazing.
All the other food is of good quality too, I have had the chicken a few times and the steak and kidney pie, chips and peas. The Queues can be a little long sometimes, but lots of people queuing?? Doesnt that speak for itself?? There are loads of tables and chairs in this restaurant but getting one in a good spot can SOMETIMES prove difficult.
Most of the staff are always smiling, Management are excellent and always very professional! I cant fault Pillars! 5*"

17 November 2010

"This is a shoppers' restaurant, pure and simple. The food is good old fashioned home cooking, with large portions and a vast salad bar. Nothing fancy, but well run and excellent value for money. Go here if you want a quick, tasty meal to sustain your shopping trip. Don't expect sushi."

25 October 2010

"CHEAP AND CHEERFUL. Great place if you just want a meal in the city centre. Bit like an upmarket office canteen Not fussy - its underground, but bright, clean and sweet. Good range of pretty well cooked food at a great price. I arrived as they were closing but they still put themselves out and fed me."

29 June 2010

"Pillars has been open for at east 30 years and never changes.Thankfully. The whole experience is so enjoyable.Huge portions, great variety of food,perfect location and the best lasagne and chips in the world!!!! .The guy who manages and organises the staff and the queues is very efficient and professional.He's been there for as long as I can remember!! .It's so good in there that people are queuing all the way up two flights of stairs and spilling onto Queen Street. Says it all really."


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